The 2011 HR Reinvention Experiment will build on last year’s format and strive to be even better.  This year, the schedule will again be full of thought provoking discussions with more time allowed for peer to peer interaction.  In addition, this year’s agenda will include the first every Ignite HR event.  This high energy format will get the day (and our brains) off to a fast start.

The HR Reinvetion Experiment 2

Friday, October 21, 2011 – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. – Hot Shops – Omaha, NE

This year’s speakers and session leaders:

Rita Paskowitz (Luncheon Keynote):  Rita Paskowitz is a professional storyteller.  In her search for identity, Rita has been an actress, writer, improvisationalist and stand-up comedienne, working from New York City to Los Angeles. She combines her talents to bring each and every tale she tells to life.  Her work crosses many venues – including education, religion, healthcare, grief and the world of business.

She is a nationally-known speaker, entertainer, educator and facilitator – and yes, her hair is real.

Rita is also Co-founder and Director of Creative Healing, an arts program for bereavement specialists, and is the Storyteller-in-Residence at Ted E. Bear Hollow, a center for grieving children and teens. She is on the staff of UNO’s Certified Public Managers Institute and UNMC’s Great Plains Public Health Leadership Institute and teaches in UNO’s college of Education. .

In addition, Rita maintains an active performance schedule, proving that no day has only twenty-four hours.

Jeffrey Cufaude – (Closing Keynote/Workshop):  A former association executive and university student affairs staff member, Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas, building communities of ideas and idealists through his writing, facilitation, and speaking. His areas of work include strategy think tanks that bring fresh eyes and thinking to critical questions; conference workshops; volunteer and staff sessions and retreats; and major keynotes.

His work is known for reflecting best practices in adult learning, and he often teaches presentation design and facilitation skills to subject matter experts. He designed and facilitated the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Future Leaders Conference from 1998-2007, demonstrating his unique gifts in custom-designing and facilitating multiple day leadership and learning experiences.

He is a monthly columnist for Convene, the flagship magazine of the Professional Convention Management Association; a regular blogger and essayist; and frequently contributes feature articles to Associations Now, ASAE’s monthly magazine.  After serving on ASAE’s Innovation Taks Force and championing its InnovationTalks initiative, he recently began a term on ASAE’s Executive Management Section Council.

Oh yeah, He’s really tall, but doesn’t play ball.  Get over it.

Bill Campion:  Bill Campion has a diverse background in marketing and HR.  He’s held executive level positions in both disciplines for three nationally known restaurant companies.  In 2007 Bill teamed up with two business colleagues to form Talent Revolution, Inc. a consulting firm specializing in organizational development, corporate culture, employee engagement, brand building, customer service and social media.

Bill is an accomplished speaker and workshop facilitator.  His authentic approach and comedic style keeps his groups engaged and entertained while they learn.  He takes pride in creating an environment that is interactive, experiential and inspirational.  His goal is to push people to view the world from different perspectives, to challenge the status quo and to consider unconventional ideas and solutions.  You can expect the unexpected with Bill as your facilitator.  You can expect to have your “molecules rearranged” during his session!

William Tincup:   Since William led our most popular session in 2010, we’ve invited him back to experiment with us some more in 2011.  William is the CEO of HR consultancy Tincup & Co. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama of Birmingham with a BA in Art History. He also earned a MA from the University of Arizona and a MBA from Case Western Reserve University. William is an experienced entrepreneur and senior executive who helps HR teams do great work. He describes himself as a specialist in HR software adoption.

He’s also one of the country’s leading thinkers on social media application for human resources. HR Industry expert John Sumser has named WilliamTincup as one of the top influencers in the HR and Recruiting Industry. Here’s how John describes William, “It’s fair to say that there are not a lot of guys like this in the world of HR. William says that this is exactly what you want in a marketing consultant…out of the box and over the top. The thing is, when you dig just a little bit below the surface, you find the mind of a strategist.” William has been blogging about HR related issues since 2007. He’s a contributing author for Fistful of Talent (www.fistfuloftalent.com) and also co-hosts a daily HR podcast called DriveThruHR (www.drivethruhr.com).
Mark Hirschfeld:  Mark has 20 years of experience in organizational consulting, executive coaching and development, business marketing and management. He has assisted in the development of human resource selection, training and performance management initiatives for many growing companies.  Mark has a keen interest in corporate wellness, as his research shows this to be an increasing important driver of employee engagement. He is currently conducting studies on employee engagement and health outcomes with a national insurer.
Prior to joining SilverStone Group, Mark led a team of consultants who coached executives by assessing their strengths and development needs, creating individual action plans for greater effectiveness in the workplace. For four years he consulted with more than 125 healthcare professionals, providing services in employee selection, management development, team building and various types of surveys. Additionally, Mark has worked with clients in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Janyne Peek Emsick – A true catalyst of change, Janyne combines creative energy and discernment to help organizations walk their talk, one leader at a time.  From the executive team through the IS and HR teams and to the warehouse staff, her holistic approach taps into individual and organizational potential for increased integrity, aligning intent and action.  Her seminar “Can Organizations Develop if Individuals Don’t?: Linking Individual Learning and Organizational Change,” has been featured at national and regional industry conferences. She holds a Ph.D. with research in the area of adult learning and transformational leadership responding to the question “now that they know, what do they do?”
Janyne serves as adjunct faculty in Tyndale Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry program, and College of St. Mary’s Master of Organizational Leadership program.  International teaching has taken her to professional development initiatives and graduate schools in the Philippines, Burma, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. She serves on the Board of Trustees of Omaha’s Business Ethics Alliance and served as a founding board member of “Congo Initiative”, a not-for-profit collaboration between leaders in the newly formed Democratic Republic of Congo and the United States.

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