Breakout Sessions

This year’s event will feature four thought-provoking and interactive breakout sessions to challenge and engage us as HR leaders.   The same four breakouts will be presented in two rounds so participants can attend two of the four.

Breakout Descriptions:

Leading with Integrity:  The power of walking your talk. 

Janyne Peek Emsick

Integrity implies congruence between the inner world of intention and the public world of action.  As Human Resources leaders, we are called on to implement and manage initiatives that align employees with our organization’s vision, values and goals – initiatives essential to organizational health and success.  As we champion employee engagement, leadership development, health and wellness programs (and so much more).  HR leadership has a unique responsibility to demonstrate integrity in the departments we lead.

If we are not models within our own spheres of influence, our own departments, what is the impact on credibility as we champion these initiatives throughout our organizations?  Join us for a meaningful conversation around the unique challenges and opportunities that come hand-in-hand with the role of HR Leadership.  Walk out with a personal strategy to increase trust and credibility.

How To Build Your Brand According to Lady GaGa: Exploring HR’s Role in Brand Building

Bill Campion

The company is not the brand.  The people are the brand.  You can say all the nice things you want in a TV commercial but if your people don’t deliver on those promises, the brand will not be credible.  It goes back to the notion that “Everything Communicates”.  A disgruntled employee is as bad or worse than a disgruntled customer.

What’s with the Lady Ga Ga reference?  One word:  DIFFERENTIATION.  HR plays such a key role in differentiating the customer experience.  They have to be involved in the marketing conversation about brand and the role the people play in supporting it.  There should be no more discussion about internal and external brand.  It’s all one in the same!

Join this lively discussion about how HR and Marketing must join forces to create a corporate culture where building the brand is the top priority.  The outcome of this workshop is for the participants to walk away with an understanding of how to make this happen.

Exploring the Dilemmas of Social Media 

William Tincup

Raise your hand if you are tired of hearing about social media? Yeah, me too. That said, social media is here to stay. Most HR professionals have seen this story play out once or twice…with the advent of the fax machine, the internet, email, etc. Social media IS Pandora’s box, or at least the next incarnation of Pandora’s box. Most HR professionals already know this and have largely avoided the corporate use of social media. Until now.

Last year, William’s session on social media was the highest rated session at the conference.  This year, he’s returning to push our thinking even farther. This presentation and discussion will look at the ethical and moral dilemmas that social media can create for HR professionals. Using real world scenarios, attendees will have the opportunity to explore what impact social media will have on their own workplace and how they can create opportunities to maximize the benefits of this technology while minimizing the negatives.

Kiss My Kettlebells: Examining the Case for Corporate Wellness

Mark Hirschfeld

We’re all past thinking that corporate wellness is just a passing fad, or are we? Why is it that some companies seem to be leveraging wellness as a strategic advantage that is well worth the investment, while others seem to have their treadmill stuck in reverse?

In this interactive session, Mark Hirschfeld will help us explore our assumptions about wellness, view wellness and employee involvement in a new light, and talk about what we can do to become true wellness champions. The only muscle that will requre “stretching” for this session is the one located above your shoulders.


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