Human Resources is at a crossroads.

HR can no longer sit on the sidelines, watching others play the game.  Time for change is upon us.  Human Resources must evolve as a serious partner in the business, one that links values and value-creation with people and practices. HR must emerge as a fearless leader.

The HR Reinvention Experiment is a gathering of the Midwest’s top HR leaders to chart a new course for the future of Human Resources.  There will be speakers, there will be discussion, there will be discourse, and there will be cocktails.  We will dialogue, discuss and perhaps bicker a little.  At the end of the Experiment, we will be different.   HR will be different.

You are invited to be a part of something unique and important.  Human Resources needs you.  Business needs you.  Are you up for it?

Your humble, moderately organized, committee:

  • Alicia Elson, VP Human Resources, Quality Living, Inc.
  • Carl Fosco, Director HR Business Partner Services, BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska
  • Joe Gerstandt, Speaker/Facilitator, JoeGerstandt.com
  • Mark Hirschfeld, Consultant, markhirschfeld.com
  • Jason Lauritsen, Consultant
  • Laurie Pieper, Director of Human Resources, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
  • Chad Thies, Human Resources Manager, Union Bank and Trust
  • Vicki Trujillo, VP Human Resources, PayFlex

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