2011 Closing Keynote: Jeffrey Cufaude

29 Sep

The HR Reinvention Experiment planning committee is excited to announce Jeffrey Cufaude as our closing keynote speaker for this year’s event.

Jeffrey’s session will be titled “Innovation and the Possibilities of Permission.” 

Remember the days of junior high or high school when being in the hallways during classes required carrying a permission slip?  Who gives permission slips to employees to innovate and who carries them in your organization? Do you have one?  What permissions do people require in order for them to explore possibilities, pursue hunches, make unlikely connections, tinker and experiment, and fail spectacularly en route to discovering innovative results?

In this interactive closing general session, Jeffrey will help us explore these core questions and the fundamental permissions required for individuals and organizations to innovate.  We’ll also consider what leads others (and ourselves) to wait for permission to be granted instead of simply empowering ourselves.  And if you’re really, really good, he just might give you a hall pass you can use at work the following week.

Meet Jeffrey Cufaude

A former association executive and university student affairs staff member, Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas, building communities of ideas and idealists through his writing, facilitation, and speaking. His areas of work include strategy think tanks that bring fresh eyes and thinking to critical questions; conference workshops; volunteer and staff sessions and retreats; and major keynotes.

His work is known for reflecting best practices in adult learning, and he often teaches presentation design and facilitation skills to subject matter experts. He designed and facilitated the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Future Leaders Conference from 1998-2007, demonstrating his unique gifts in custom-designing and facilitating multiple day leadership and learning experiences.

He is a monthly columnist for Convene, the flagship magazine of the Professional Convention Management Association; a regular blogger and essayist; and frequently contributes feature articles to Associations Now, ASAE’s monthly magazine.  After serving on ASAE’s Innovation Taks Force and championing its InnovationTalks initiative, he recently began a term on ASAE’s Executive Management Section Council.

Oh yeah, He’s really tall, but doesn’t play ball.  Get over it.


Note: We had originally announced that Nilofer Merchant would be our 2011 closing keynote, but she is unable to join us at this year’s event.  Thankfully, this created the opportunity for us to welcome Jeffrey to join the experiment.  


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